Web design and development combines two of my passions: coding and digital art.  I love how the internet allows me to share my work and instantly connect with others from around the globe.  Currently I am involved in a number of web based projects. These are some of my past and present clients:


Band Website with Emphasis on Social Connectivity

Stateless WebsiteStateless (Ninja Tune Records) came to me with an outdated and unusable band website/blog.  I created a custom site for them with a complete design overhaul.  The site emphasizes social connectivity and interaction as well as an excellent design.  TopSpin artist stores and media widgets are integrated throughout to encourage user interaction.  The site is powered by WordPress and is fully customizable from the admin area.  It was created in under a week.

View Site: StatelessOnline.com

Nick Camillo Music

Custom Facebook Connect Process for Free Album Download

Nick Camillo Facebook ConnectNick wanted a way to distribute his new album for free but also gain publicity and support on facebook. I designed this system which requires visitors to:

1. Log in to facebook and post to their wall.
2. “Like” Nick’s music page
3. Provide an email address of a friend who may also enjoy the music.

Once all this has been completed, a download button appears and provides the visitor with the music for free. This system uses a database to keep track of which steps have been completed for each visitor and keeps the user on the same page at all times to make this process as quick and easy as possible. A pre-written email is automatically sent to the visitor once they download the album as well as an email to the person that visitor referred. I also created a simple front end to the database, viewable on a password protected webpage.

View the site: NickCamillo.com

String Cheese Radio

Streaming Radio, Blog, Interviews, Contests & More

String Cheese Radio Logo

This website has been my primary focus since I created it in August 2008. First and foremost, it is a 24/7 streaming internet radio station playing predominantly full length live concerts by The String Cheese Incident. The stream is accessible from any computer with an internet connection, using any popular media player. Recently I developed a mobile app for the iPhone as well, allowing for mobile listening. This site is 100% listener supported and visitors are encouraged to donate to help offset the bandwidth costs.

The website has grown beyond a mere radio station to become a full media source for all things related to The String Cheese Incident and other bands on the SCI Fidelity label.  There are interviews with nationally touring bands such as EOTO, Railroad Earth, and Toubab Krewe as well as local bands such as Mondo Gecko.

On the site, visitors can find fan submitted show reviews; monthly contest giveaways; a browsable list of every show performed by The String Cheese Incident including setlists, photos, and videos; and a utility to upload a show to the radio library. I also offer free String Cheese Radio bumper stickers to anyone who wants them. Recently I printed t-shirts for the site and have been selling them.

The music of The String Cheese Incident has really changed my life and I wanted to create a way to share their music with new listeners as well as longtime fans. This is why I created String Cheese Radio. It is a labor of love and I am quite proud of it.

The website gets around 300 daily visitors and has up to 50 simultaneous listeners tuned in at any given time.  The site also has over 2,800 fans on facebook and twitter.

Press Coverage: Jambands.com – fan site of the month

View Site: StringCheeseRadio.com


Exclusive Music Community

MusicGuerrilla is a private web portal which features one unreleased electronic music track per day.  Members can purchase the music and connect with artists.  The website is built with Python and Django and Paypal is integrated to handle credit card transactions.  This has been my most ambitious project to date and is a collaboration between myself (code & project management), Jonathan Baruc (design), and Dan Simerman (music curator & publicity)

View Site: MusicGuerrilla.com

Elizabeth Andrews

Custom Portfolio Website

This photography portfolio website is a collaboration between myself (code & project management) and Jonathan Baruc (design). The website is clean and elegant with emphasis on the photography. WordPress is used on the backend for easy content management.  Additional steps were taken to allow Elizabeth to be able to add or remove photos from her site using only ftp.

View Site: ElizabethDrews.com

Beta Party

Custom Wordpress and Facebook

Beta PartyBetaparty Media came to me with a half designed wordpress powered site in need of some major design refinement and functionality additions. I am working with them to modify their site’s design, integrate MailChimp mailing list services, and create custom facebook landing pages and tabs utlizing FBML and Buddy Media Inc.

View Site: BetaParty.com

The Sacred Band

Custom CMS and E-Commerce

The Sacred Band

I created this website while working for CABEM Inc. during my final coop at Northeastern University. The site is an electronic publishing store. Visitors can view previews and purchase books and media from The Sacred Band novel series.

This site was developed using the new Cabem Livia CMS. The CMS is powered by a custom php framework called the Cabem Livia Framework. I was part of the team which was responsible for creating and testing both the framework and CMS.

View Site: SacredBand.com


User Interface Design

SuccessimoI worked on this website while on co-op at CABEM. I was responsible for redesigning and implementing an extensive category based interface for the Activities section of the website. It was required to be dynamically scalable and have multi level navigation to support any number of sub-categories. I also created a commenting system complete with “agree”, “disagree”, and “report” options as well as an admin interface for moderating the comments.

View Site: Successimo.com

BIT (Brownfield Inventory Tool)

Google Maps API Integration

bitWhile at CABEM Inc. I was tasked with creating a google maps interface which would map site locations for the BIT program. The map displayed markers for each site location in the database as well as markers for environmental sampling associated with each site. The map automatically updates its area of focus and zoom level to accomodate fewer or more site locations.

View Site: Tab-Bit.org